To Vernon Hektner

Great teacher, scholar, colleague, friend

Peerless, our best historian

A word of thanks before we go

Seems at this moment, apropos:

You were that noble influence

That touched and shaped my innocence,

Broadened my outlook and my scope

Revealed that teaching held much hope,

Wherein I too might find career

To justify my college years.

And later when you hired me on

To English teach at Science School

You opened up my life’s career

Whose span would bridge some forty years.

Now are we both at home, retired

Our teaching time has long expired,

But I wanted you to know how much

Your faith in me has deeply touched

The well springs of my gratitude.

And given to me the attitude

That nothing in life can block our way

If we, determined to succeed,

Make God the supplier of our need,

Who in his love and gentle grace

Sends to us teachers who can place

Our faith in gifts God’s put in us

And confidence in those gifts to trust

That we can make it to the end

And not on fickle luck depend.

So thanks my teacher, dean and friend

Light in my life right to the end,

Vern, may we share much future bliss

When Heaven our cares and burdens lifts.

God Bless.

Gene Pinkney


Vernon Hektner was a longtime dean of Arts and Science division of NDSCS, A master teacher of history.


©2006, Gene Pinkney, No portions may be copied without attribution