Here's to my best buddy, Warren

Now gliding to retire-

No better friend in earth's firmament

And few so easy to admire.

He's been everything a friend should be-

Loyal and fun and kind;

You would want him in your foxhole

If you wanted peace of mind.

I have seen him drive a thousand miles

To help a friend in need,

And reach out to troubled students

Never mentioning the deed.

And if I had to spend eight hours

Bass fishing on some lake,

I know the guy I'd want with me-

Warren, for conversation's sake.

(I could tell him all my troubles,

All the good things, all the bad,

Never fearing once he'd spread 'em

To some guy who wants me sad. )

We'd have those wells so full of Bass

They'd have to get new scales

Down at the weigh-in station

Where the North Stars tell their tales.

Here's to sixty years of good times

Had in knowing you old friend!

Warren, none can take your measure:

May your good times have no end-

Like when we've heard the chimes at midnight

Lifting cups with jocund crew

Rollicking with Rodney Nelson

Sipping Pat Rassier's late-night stew.

We've made the tables roar at Cheryle's

With our merry minstrelsy,

Rolled with laughter as our carols

Rang with camaraderie.

Since you've been to me a brother,

I pray often for your soul,

That you give your heart to Jesus

Ere the years exact their toll.


See, there's no amount of native goodness

Wipes away the stink of earth,

Just the precious blood of Jesus

Cleans us up for Heaven's Mirth,

Makes us good enough to enter

Where the saints go marching in,

Makes us spotless as a baby

Just as if we'd never sinned.

So say yes to Him my buddy-

Gifts aren't gifts that aren't received;

You don't have to understand it,

But He has to be believed.

Be the little child he made once

Running summer's heedless ways,

Cast away vagrant misgivings

And receive Sweet Jesus' Grace.

For he died for us, my brother

You and me and Mary too-

There will never be another

Half as loving, half as true.

So my hat is off, dear life-long friend,

Seize joyfully the ease you've earned,

Seize all the well-won trophies

For the good you've taught and learned.

May these latter years stay joyful

May your strength be slow to wane,

May your lovely wife stay playful

With no reasons to complain,

May true friends and family press you

To their bosoms loving, tight,

And may robust health excess you,

Eyes undimmed, still clear and bright.

May I see you one day fishing

On the Jordan's farther shore

Basking in the Father's Blessing

Then I'd wish for little more.

Gene Pinkney (6/5/05)


Copyright © 2006 Gene Pinkney
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