A Valentine: O6tyish-Style: for Audrey

Another February slides with all deliberate speed;

The valley in iced bandage bides in more snow than it needs,

Only the slightly lengthening days, only the brightening sky

Fend off the winter's long malaise to keep Spring hopes alive.

But Oh! 'Twill soon be Valentine's. And that's a goodly thing.

Let me lift a toast to that soul divine who wears my wedding ring.

She is the sweetest lady any king or saint could boast:

Not sixty years of loving her could dim my wish to toast

Her goodness, loving-kindness, nobility and grace

And that blithe spirit shining through her matchless, lovely face.

A saving day is Valentine's from all the winter's woe

For it lifts up sweet Audrey Ann, my mate so apropos.

Aud, you were God's best gift to me, my proof that He is there

Giving me you, his miracle, in answer to my prayer.

Your Gene

Feb. 10, 06

Copyright 2006 Gene Pinkney
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