Lady twice graced in name and charm

So God has taken you home

Safe from this world's confused alarms

Deaf to its howls and groans.

So now, sweet Grace, you share God's Peace

The Gift Christ came to give

Balm to the suffering, sweet release

In Joy eternal, Live!

Next to my own dear mother

Whose fierce love sheltered me

You were that lovely other

Of dear friends' moms to see

You were the first to show my eyes

Nobility-- pure class

Gentle demeanor calm and wise,

Gracious, lovely lass.

I never saw you raucous, mean, or lacking dignity

Always the lady, sweet and clean-pure magnanimity..

So now that the tempest has blown by

That took you far away,

May Heaven's Son make bright your sky

And Joy suffuse your day.

We joy that your suffering days are done

Joy that we all can meet as one,

Joy in our Brother, God's own son

Glory to the Lamb!

Thank you , sweetest lady,

For your Grace that moved us here;

May we soon hear your lovely voice *

In Heaven's deathless sphere

And may we choir in loving thanks for Heaven's matchless Grace

Praising Sweet Jesus all day long for dying in our place.


Gene Pinkney

11/ 19/ 05

*Grace weas Warren Williams' mother and choir director at the Fairmount N.D. Methodist church. She had a gift for bringing out the best in each of her choir members.



Gene Pinkney
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