To Audrey at Sixty-Four

Happy Birthday, beloved,

Now sweet sixty-four

Still lovely and mild,

Still the one I adore

Still soft to the touch,

Still with matchless brown eyes

Still gentle and caring

Still loved from the Skies

Still mine, not another's,

Still my treasure trove

Still best of all mothers,

If we're talking love.

Your kids call you bless'ed

And call you each week

And the Lord calls you bless'ed,

For blessed are the meek.

And I choose this small verse

To reveal your great heart

Where God makes His temple

And will not depart.

And I pray you'll be with me

Through all of our days

Till the Lord raptures us,

And we fly up in Praise.

Till then I will thank Him

For giving me you--

Dearest Audrey, the best

Of the lovely and true.

Gene Pinkney
December 7th 2004


Gene Pinkney
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