A Valediction for Ava Pinkney
(Our Niece for but Seven Months)

I never saw you, Ava - so brief your visit here,

And now that you've returned to God

Our grief brings little cheer,

But in the Good Book, Ava,

I find some great, good news:

The Father keeps a special care

Of the little ones He loves.

Their angels ever grace His throne

With Dance and Praise and Song

As they care for the numberless children

That play on His own private lawn.

Birds sing there of matchless beauty

And blossoms spring, fragrant and rare

And pets of all kinds share the frolic--

Young laughter is heard everywhere

'Midst chanting and riming and singing

The music of children at play,

The Glory of angels winging,

Makes brilliant The Lord's perfect day.

For the realm you now play in is Holy,

Perfected by God's Brilliant Love,

So you'll be in good company, Ava,

Till the rest of us join you above.

So until we can all join our praises with yours,

May the Father's deep love fill our hearts,

And grace us with Joy that will strengthen us too

On this planet where goodness departs.

With Love,
Your uncle Gene (4/ 27/ 05)


Copyright 2006  Gene Pinkney
No quotes may be used without attribution