The waiting time is nearly done;

My heart feels light and gay

Because my one and only one

My Aud flies home today.

I'll count the hours and bide the time

Which, well I know will crawl

Until, late in the airport line,

I'll see my all in all.

She'll shine out, with her lovely charms,

An egret among crows;

I'll run and take her in my arms

And hug her, Heaven knows.

How can I tell her, truly show

How empty life has seemed

These three long weeks not seeing her

Except in fleeting dreams.

Now I can feel what widows feel

Whose loves will ne'er return;

How desolate and longingly

Their hearts must inward burn.

And now I pity widowers

That line the lonely bars

Hoping deceptive spirits

Can shorten empty hours.

They dream of seasons told in song

When lovers made return,

After some absence far too long

When their true worth was learned.

They dream of what a blessed thing

It was to hear her voice,

And what a blessed lingering

After that first rejoice.

And so, my sweet, my blessing true

May Angels guard your flight

Until I once more harbor you

And hold you, awed, tonight.


Gene Pinkney
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