Remarks on the Charles Pinkney Retirement

Retiring? Charles Pinkney? This I've got to see,

For Charles is a guy who really likes to work.

And to think he might betake him to a life-style leisurely,

Brings to my cynic's mouth a little smirk.

In our family, there's one that's a dabbler-that's me,

I'll try most things once, maybe two,

But Charles, when he takes something up, goes in deep

And gets good at the things he pursues.

When he took up the trumpet, he soon made 1st chair,

Took his art to the head of the class

And in singing can bring quite a stir to your hair,

Such fine power do his arias cast.

Now he's into computers and with his good art

Sets up web sites as fine as can be,

Where surfers across the whole globe can take part

In the courses his kids get for free.

It's a sad day for Wheaton to lose such man,

They make blessed few like Charles now a days,

But I know the Good Lord always has a fine plan

To utilize talents that blaze.

So I won't be the least bit surprised some day soon

To hear Charlie is venturing out

With a new line of work that will bring the earth boon

And make new fans of excellence shout.

So fare forward, my brother and follow the Gleam

That our Lord casts upon the dark sea.

And may His Holy Spirit enkindle the dream

That brings Blessing to you and to me.

All God's best in your "retirement",

Your brother, Gene (5/27/05)

Gene Pinkney
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