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Author's Brief Testimony

What Church-goers May Not Know
About Becoming and Being A Christian

Thoughts, Investigation, and Essays

by Charles Pinkney
Charles Pinkney Testimony

Understanding the New Testament Bible
Ten top precepts of the new covenant

What the Dying Thief Knew
The Way of Salvation is Defined


Captives to the Present World
The Redeemed in Christ are In the World but Not Of It

The Mystery of Being

Who qualifies to be called a child of God?
Who Are God's Children?

Called and Elected by God

Mystery of God's Power - PDF FILE:
How all believers may receive
'The Promise of the Father'
Through the Holy Spirit

E-Book 1, The Gospel Without Religion (pdf available)

E-Book 2 A Disciple's Handbook, (pdf available)

PDF: A Disciple's Handbook. complete

E-Book 3 Mysteries of God

Comments on Spiritual Discipleship by Kevin Leal

(End Times) Biblical basis for the Rapture of Believers

(End Times) The Jewish Bride and typology of the Rapture

The Final Move of God

The Power of Paradigms in Our Lives and Faith

Intro: A Spiritual Search

Why and How Christians Gather

Error of Clergy & Priesthood

Discussion Topics for Bible Study

The Gospel Without Religion, Index

Index General

Quest For God

The Doctrine of Dominion or Kingdom-Now Theology

preterism, another view of End Times

Rapture of Christian Body, Bible References

Biblical basis for the Rapture of Believers

The Coming for the Bride-Rapture

The Searching Disciple: Christian Writings
from 1995 - 2018

Looking at
Signs and Wonders

Shofar Light-Show
During Home Worship

Resources and Understanding Home Church Fellowships

Frank Viola interview with a typical church-goer
(Discusses Open Church)

Updated 06-28-2018