Discipleship, An Introduction

Paradigms that control our religious understandings

Koinonia, The Fellowship of the Saints for Edification

Discipleship, We are Called to be Saints and to Minister

A Disciple's Guide to Spiritual Worship

The Foundation of the Original Apostles as the Proper Guide to Doctine

Disciple's Handbook Complete in PDF format


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Every Believer Becomes a Disciple -
Matthew 28:19

As many that have received the gift, minister it to one another,
as good stewards of the manifold Grace of God


Author's Brief Testimony

Building up Disciples 

To Partake in Jesus' Ministry


Jesus is the living "head of the church" for all believers. He has designed a way for us to follow him, even as the original twelve disciples followed him. They walked at his side, discoursed with him, and were both witnesses and partakers of his spiritual ministry. They new his voice; saw his power; and marveled at his wisdom. They new him!  Though I fear that few nominal Christians are able to say they know him. Yes we have heard about him, but do we know him? Perhaps the greatest thing to be revealed in the "gospel" is that we not only may know him, but have fellowship with him and partake in his nature and his ministry.  In the gathering of believers in a place of meeting can we say that we leave that meeting, knowing him better? Can we say that we have heard his voice, felt his presence, or were Empowered by his touch.  

Ministry Edifies, Strengthens, and Blesses

It would be good for unbelieving eyes to see what things can and do happen in a place of meeting. God can make his glorious presence known; lift people out of their fears and oppression; bring joy and healing; restore broken hearts and broken relationships and save peoples souls.

Church liturgy was put together in a time far past, perhaps following shortly after the kind of glorious kind of fellowship described above. There may have had good intentions. Perhaps of preserving some of the truth or glory of those earlier days. Maybe they wished to insure the manifestation of God's presence and to provide a platform to disciple those who needed to under stand the truth of Christ's eternal ministry.

The Bible shows that God's presence can not be captured and preserved. The Israelites of Old tried to do so, but when God's Glory departed it was gone they were left with a lifeless idol. The temple remained the glory was gone. The brazen serpent remained but the manifestation of its power was gone. God's continued glory and fellowship with us is determined by the hearts of those who gather to worship him. With passing years catechism remained but the glory had been lost. The ritual remained and the liturgical trappings remained but the presence of God vanished. Ritual happens, I believe, when men try to duplicate a behavior which once brought forth the glory of God through faith.

Elements that remained were vainly held and became a substitution for God's presence. "Ministry" became the focus of a very small body of liturgical experts, called the priesthood or the clergy, when it was always to be the domain of every believer. Just as God wishes each believer to be a ministering priest, he wishes us to become a true worshipper. What is this true worshipper and what is worshipping the Father in Spirit and in Truth? (John 4:23) God is always looking for True Worshippers. He looks at the hearts he does not regard the man with the religious uniform over a common person whose heart is open. He does not favor a cathedral over a location which has been made ready on the inside of us. As Jesus told the woman at the well of Samaria, it is not where you worship, not this mountain or another mountain, but what and how we worship. He said to her that some do not know what they are even worshipping but the truth is that salvation is connected to worship, it is through the foundation of the Jews. The time was coming, Jesus explained, when men and women women would worship the Most High God in Spirit. Those who do not have this Spirit can not have the revelation of God of which Jesus spoke.


Disciples, Learning the "Way"
The foundation of the life of Christ is laid by becoming a disciple of Jesus. Just as he made disciples in the time of his earthly ministry so he continues today. (John 8:21 ; 17:20) The Christian world through religion has made the life of the Bible remote and impersonal. It has made Peter, James and John or John the Baptist into icons or religious folk heroes. The sense of their being our brothers, sharing the same life of trials and faith has been all but lost. In our minds Bible days were another time, another faith, another dispensation. This is not the case. Religious tradition places men on pedestals and this should not be the case because it is contrary to every apostolic and Christ-uttered teaching. God does not show favoritism nor does he show respect of persons.

"Knowledge makes arrogant, love edifies."

3 paradigms of truth, Worldly, Religious, Divine

Discipleship 1 Spiritual Growth

Disciple's Handbook 2, Growing With the Body 

Jesus' Cycle: Growth, Trials, and Triumph

Learning Christ, Partaking In His Ministry

The great question of life that philosophers ask is,
"Who are we? 
Where do we come from? 
Where are we going?

     Where do we go to seek wisdom and the answers to the secrets of life? 
Do we inquire according to secular wisdom, or religious teachings?  Or is there another?

How does Godly Wisdom contrast to secular wisdom?

How does Godly Wisdom contrast with "religious" wisdom?


The Paradigm of Worldly Wisdom Contrasted to Godly Wisdom
1Cor:1:19: For it is written, I will destroy the  wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the  understanding of the prudent. 

(KJV)1Cor:1:21: For  after that in the wisdom of God the world by 

wisdom knew not God, it pleased God by the  foolishness of preaching to save them that believe. (KJV) 


Worldly wisdom extols and rewards self-exaltation and individuality Godly wisdom (the Truth) says deny yourself take up your cross, die to 
yourself.  In the Jesus, Spirit-led model of wisdom no man is "good "Worldly wisdom is based upon observation and the appearance of things 
Godly wisdom (the Truth) The unseen things are eternal and have a substance yet to be known by human reason. 
Worldly wisdom is based upon "scientific" principle and measurable 
phenomena. Godly wisdom (the Truth) teaches that if you believe in the unseen you have faith and will see the results manifested. 

Worldly wisdom features the domination or rule of the strong and the mighty. Godly wisdom (the Truth) teaches that God chooses the weak and the insignificant to shame the wise and strong. 

Worldly wisdom devalues humans with few assets, childlike meekness and simplicity. Godly wisdom (the Truth) reveals that the greatest in the kingdom of God are like children. Humble, trusting, and meek. 

 Worldly wisdom values and rewards intellectual achievement and scholarship. Godly wisdom (the Truth) teaches that the wisdom of man is  foolishness to him. 

Worldly wisdom recognizes classes as inferior or superior rank and class, this is respect of persons. Godly wisdom (the Truth) teaches that those who are  poor shall eventually receive the blessings of the kingdom. The proud and  the mighty he scatters and turns away. 

Worldly wisdom's view of the "vast timeless universe" diminishes or negates the need of a savior. Godly wisdom (the Truth) teaches that God created the heaven and the earth by wisdom and all things that are in it. And he called  his creation "good." 

Worldly wisdom features "self preservation" as a principle  Godly wisdom (the Truth) speaks of self sacrifice as a divine virtue 

Worldly wisdom believes life may well be over when one dies Godly wisdom (the Truth) we are eternal beings who retain our own soul's  personal identity forever. Some will inherit eternal blessings and others will  inherit eternal separation from God. 

Worldly wisdom presumes that God regards each religion or faith democratically. Godly wisdom (the Truth) reveals that one nation is the  chosen people of God. The Bible established upon infallible promises, states that there is only one mediator between God and man.  Jesus the son of God, the king of the Jews. 

Worldly wisdom presumes that God does not favor any one nation over  another. Godly wisdom (the Truth) reveals that one nation is the chosen people of God. There is only one mediator between God and man.  Jesus the son of God, the king of the Jews. 

Worldly wisdom would suggest there is one God who is simply called by  many names. Godly wisdom (the Truth) though there are many gods there is  but one God who is above all and we can hold no god higher than He. 

Worldly wisdom presumes that God is essentially impersonal.  Godly wisdom (the Truth) says that we can become sons of God. Adapted 
into the family. We are called to inherit the blessings and partake in His 

divine nature. 

Worldly wisdom believes that all of the human race are automatically  "children of God" Godly wisdom (the Truth) Whoever believes on the Son 
of God, Jesus Christ has eternal life. Whoever has not the son has no life but 
the condemnation of God remains upon them. 

Paradigm of Religious Wisdom 

In the religious paradigm the religious life centers around a "church house" 
In the religious paradigm the church house is called "the house of God" 
In the religious paradigm the church building is called the "Church"  
In the religious paradigm traditions include various church features or - - 

traditions such as: 
pulpits and pews, stained glass windows, organs and 'sacred music' 
solemnity and formalism, ecclesiastical garb robes, orders of service, ritual, - -  designated ranks of clerical authority.
In the religious paradigm a formally trained priest or clergy "officiates" over 
the "services" 
In the religious paradigm a formal address or sermon delivered to the faithful is called "preaching" 

In the religious paradigm one or two hours a week meets the requirements of personal involvement 

In the religious paradigm only the professionally trained clergy are qualified to "minister" 

In the religious paradigm there is "respect of persons" relative to spiritual rank or authority 

In the religious paradigm members may be totally disassociated in worship or prayer 

In the religious paradigm a person's spiritual life is governed, directed or sustained by another 

In the religious paradigm the exploits of God and Saints are in the past 

In the religious paradigm people are taught how to please God with certain 

deeds or obligations 
In the religious paradigm there are duties required to attain "good standing" 

In the religious paradigm one often does not experience God only hears about God 

In the religious paradigm one often doesn't know if he/she is saved 

In the religious paradigm Bible doctrine plus traditional teachings form the core doctrines 


Paradigm of Godly Wisdom, (Modeled by Jesus) 

In the Jesus, Spirit-led model of wisdom there are paradoxes to the natural 
instincts or wisdom of man 

the least shall be greatest; 
the first shall be last; 

many called but few chosen; 

we must die in order to live; 

we must hate the things of this world; 

we must be like a child, God has hidden wisdom from the wise; 

the unseen things are a greater reality than the seen. etc. 

In the Jesus, Spirit-led model of wisdom man in his natural self can do 
nothing of value for the kingdom of God 
In the Jesus, Spirit-led model of wisdom, the spiritual man is totally 
dependant upon the guidance of the Spirit 
In the Jesus, Spirit-led model of wisdom we are in a perpetual spiritual 
battle for survival and dominance in life 
In the Jesus, Spirit-led model of wisdom there is eternal life, promised 
rewards and consequences 
In the Jesus, Spirit-led model Jesus preached to those outside pertaining 
to the Kingdom of God and taught his followers 
In the Jesus, Spirit-led model of wisdom only those who are born of the 
Spirit and led of the Spirit are the Children of God 
In the Jesus, Spirit-led model of wisdom people are discipled, disciples are 
matured and then charged with ministry 
In the Jesus, Spirit-led model of wisdom ministry is through the leading 
of the Holy Spirit 
In the Jesus, Spirit-led model of wisdom true worshipers worship in 
Spirit and in Truth 
In the Jesus, Spirit-led model of wisdom, wisdom and insight is hidden 
from the double minded and the unredeemed
In the Jesus, Spirit-led model of wisdom we could memorize the Bible and 
not know truth- only the Spirit reveals it. 


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