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Power From on High

he Two Words for Power

God Baptized Jesus Supernatural Ability, Power and Might to Minister

A Matter of Moments To Become a New Creation

That was Then, What About Now?

How You May Receive the Promise of the Father

 Speaking in other Tongues [Spiritual Languages)

Prayer language and Holy Spirit Ministry

Intercession, a Spiritual Ministry

A God of Power Today?

Suggested Reading: Mark 16; 1Corinthians 12; 1Corinthians 14; Luke 4: Matt. 28 end, Acts 1 & Acts 2, and Others; Romans 1:16 and 1 Corinthians 1:18

Two Words for Power
God, The Father, Baptized Jesus With Supernatural Ability, Power and Might
Becoming a New Creation in Christ, Spiritual Renewal
Power of God in Times of Old, What About Now?
Receiving "the Promise of the Father "
Speaking in other Languages - tongues (Spiritual Languages)
Prayer Languages, Holy Spirit Intercession, a Spiritual Ministry

Among those who are labeled 'Christians' even church attenders for most of their lives, I believe there are very few who have actually experienced God's manifested power or His divine presence in a convincing and dramatic way. The authentic, believing Christian who has been regenerated and 'born of the spirit' is set apart and denoted God's possession. That person's name is written in heaven with a place reserved for residency there. (1Peter C1)
From our first steps and following the hand of The Almighty guides us in our calling in God. The called believer is now properly denoted as a 'disciple' and a 'saint.' How unfortunate that these disciples be relegated to merely a part of one leader's audience. How can being a member of a church congregation coming to weekly meetings be seen as fulfilling the 'great commision?' Many are called "ministers," but not every minister is truly called or approved by God. Typically Christian ministry is only a career choice as any other. What could be more harmful than to have as a spiritual mentor one who does not even know the God about whom he presumes to teach.

A God of Power Today?
God almighty created the Heavens and the Earth. We are told of miraculous deeds done in time past by the power of God: For example, the stopping of the sun's movement which allowed time to give Joshua a military victory; miracles and signs done by Moses and Aaron in Egypt; the opening of the Red Sea; the fire of God which came down to consume Elijah's sacrifice before the priests of Baal. We believers acknowledge by faith, that Jesus performed miracles outside of realm of natural law, healing, raising the dead, walking on the water, and changing water into wine, and demonstrating power over nature. Then we may consider the knowledge miracles. Jesus the messiah, continually demonstrated that he new the very thoughts of men and had prophetic powers to know the future. The disciples of Christ were able to replicate Jesus' miracles only by the power of the Holy Spirit. Dunamis power equipt the saints only after the birth of the church age on the first Pentecost, as recorded in the book of The Acts of the Apostles.

How shall we regard these accounts? Shall we say they did not occur? Shall we say that God has changed? The Bible tells us that God has not changed, that He continues work the same way yesterday, today and forever. Some theology has concluded that God has changed and that He only empowered discipleship in the past.

This writer grew up attending numerous traditional churches in which there were no manifestations of God's presence. Neither was it taught that God could be a intimate co-participant in a fellowship meeting. Sadly, in my experience, there was no reality that God could actually provide any benefit in one's everyday life.

A Church House Meeting
The typical church congregation sang hymns, mostly routinely without conviction or zeal. How can anyone give heart felt praise when they do not know the God they praise? (John 4) "- -You worship what you do not know - -" It is amazing to me that people continue to support traditions in which there are no manifestations which attest the truth in the words which are preached. For all practical purposes one could easily preach that "God is dead." One might say faith is 'believing in the God without any way to test that assertion.' No person, no disciple or believer in Jesus the Messiah can understand or experience the fullness of this truth nor act as a manifested child of the Most High without supernatural enabling.
"- -No man knows the things of God except for the Spirit of God - - (1Corinthians 1:11,12)

1John1:1-2 That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we looked upon and have touched with our hands, concerning the word of life—2 the life was made manifest, and we have seen it, and testify to it and proclaim to you the eternal life, which was with the Father and was made manifest to us—
Now I thank God for His excellent Grace, that He has provided all that is necessary to walk as a child of God, walking in Jesus' footsteps. It is dunamis power which Jesus promised to all his true disciples. This power is the God-Power of the Holy Spirit. This manifestation is God in us, which God has provided to fulfill his word and provide us with a first hand witness of the promises and provisions stated in the Bible. This power is scripturally promised for disciples of Jesus Christ. This power enables and equips us to to better perform the outreaches of the Gospel of the Kingdom, also called the work of ministry. "You shall be witnesses of me." Jesus said. This means that we can speak of those things we have seen as one would in a courtroom where evidence is given. John the beloved disciple in his first epistle as quoted above, introduces the letter by saying it is those very things that we have witnessed, heard, seen, and handled pertaining to the Word. These all point to tangible kinds of evidence of ongoing experiences with God. As to witnessing, forget any references that speak of (witnessing) as going door to door as LDS missionaries or Kingdom Hall JW's who are required canvass neighborhoods in order to secure a righteous standing in the Watchtower and Tract Society.

If someone is not taught about this provision in the Word of God, he or she can neither believe it nor appropriate it. If we have been taught a contrary gospel, then we can not proceed without unlearning that wrong doctrine. There is another kind of barrier, the spirit of unbelief. This can be reckoned as the leaven of Pharisees that masquerades as scripturally correct doctrine but is mostly barren of understanding. Religious tradition is not unlike the spirit which the Pharisees manifested to withstand Jesus in the time of his earthly ministry. Bible training centers are training practitioners in a form of Godliness without power, presenting doctrinal arguments which contradict the promises of God, namely that the Power of the Spirit and His ministry gifts are no longer being manifested today. Jesus said, If you believe you will see the glory of God.

Paul stated that he did not bring mere words, spell-binding oratory or philosophy (intellectual reasoning) but rather, the demonstration of the Holy Spirit and his Power.( 1 Corinthians 2:3 - 1 Corinthians 2:5 4, And my speech and my preaching were not with persuasive words of human wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power, 5, that your faith should not be in the wisdom of men but in the power of God.) Today much of institutional Christianity presents a religion without power. Moreover if the supernatural is manifested, it is too often looked upon it as something questionable. On the other hand, those not well grounded in truth, have the tendency to exalt any man performing these miracles, placing him on a pedestal. Note in the Book of Acts disciples Paul and Barnabus had to constrain people from deifying them when powers from God were displayed.

The Two Words for Power
The Bible mentions two kinds of power, power (dunamis) and power (exousia). Both words have a place in understanding the power which is granted to every believer. Exousia power is the authority to act granted by God. Jesus declares after his resurrection, All power (exousia, authority) in heaven and on earth have been given to me -- you go therefore -- and the commission to his disciples is given to take the Gospel into every nation. Jesus states in his prayer to the Father in John Chapter 17, "the glory you have given me, I have given to them- The glory of God is, I believe, a physical manifestation of God's presence, therefore it must be equated with Power. I will share a phrase with you, that I believe has been spiritually revealed, the phrase is this, "The glory of God is the manifested presence of God. In recent years we have seen the introduction of signs manifesting the glory of God. Some of these signs may have been gold appearing on people or in the area or gemstones which suddenly appear. Others have seen notable miracles. But these signs in themselves should not be taken as absolute validation of those who minister these signs. One must be diligent in discerning not only the spirit in which these messages are ministered but also in testing the scripture to see whether there is a precedent in the Bible. Toward the end of the age deception is promised with lying signs and wonders. This means that it may not be the Spirit of God to which these manifestations attest!

Jesus speaks of "the promise of the Father" power from God when he commands the disciples, "to wait in Jerusalem until you are endued with power from on high." God Baptized Jesus with the Same dunamis Power of the Spirit. The anointing of Holy Spirit power came upon Jesus after John baptized him in the Jordan river, it was thereafter that Jesus performed mighty works and began His ministry. " - - God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and power who went about doing good and healing all those oppressed by the devil." (Acts10:38)

Supernatural Ability
The ministry of Jesus was a four-fold ministry; teaching, preaching the kingdom, healing, and deliverance from demonic influences, thus to demonstrate the Kingdom. This ministry of power directed against the forces of Satan. As described in Luke Chapter 4:18, there is an emphasis on power in order to fulfill the commission of the Gospel of the Kingdom:

For this purpose, the Son of God is manifested, That he might destroy the works of the devil.; (1John 3:8) Ministry demonstrating the power of the Holy Spirit is at heart of the Gospel of the Kingdom. It can be summarized as freeing people and restoring them from conditions of their fallen natures. (Luke Chapter 4:18 - body, soul and spirit) Satan's rule has placed his curses upon mankind in general and upon ourselves and our families individually. Lack of wholeness through the bondage of Satan in sickness; Lack of wholeness through the bondage of Satan through mental oppression; Lack of wholeness through the bondage of Satan which are demonic in nature; Lack of: wholeness through the bondage of Satan through various kinds of curses; Lack of wholeness through the bondage of Satan in lacks and limitation, through fears; Lack of wholeness through the bondage of Satan in connections to unclean, destructive and dehumanizing forces. Where the ministry of the Gospel is taught the adversary, the enemy of God, must never be omitted for so he remains oppressing the race of man since the beginning. Though Satan has lost his absolute role of ruler of this world his ability to destroy and deceive still continues in individuals. Satan has no plan to retire or retreat until Jesus returns with 'power and great glory' in that great final advent. At that future time, Christ the Messiah, himself will command strong angels to place Lucifer and his agents under guard and remove them from the scene for a very long time. At that time the earth will enjoy a reign of peace and righteousness hitherto unknown since being dispelled from Eden.

A Gospel without power is a false Gospel. First let us look at Paul's statement, "The Gospel is the Power of God." The phrase contains a whole lot more than can be grasped in quick reading. All matters concerning Spiritual workings and gifts must be understood as God's hand and Spirit at work in human lives. THINK SUPERNATURAL cause and supernatural results. First, consider this, it is God who causes us to believe. That's right! It is not our own discoveries and desires that bring us to God. It is God himself that plants the irresistable call into our soul. Thereafter it is God's hand and power that seals us with the Holy Spirit of promise and makes us into something called "a new creation."

Likewise any Gospel which does not introduce us to the reality of spiritual powers of the enemy that stand against us is a false Gospel. The life of faith is to a large degree spent in enforcing God's authority in the earth with respect to our own lives, our families and others we care for. Satan's team is positioned to take advantage of us through our ignorance. Our enemies will take an offensive action against us unless we are poised to stand our ground. Satan comes to steal, kill, destroy & deceive, and to perpetuate false Gospels. The Promise of the Father Help from the Spirit of God for Every Disciple The book of acts introduces the promise of the Father, What is this promise of the Father? It is Power from on high!. The Holy Spirit came to ordinary men and gave them supernatural knowledge, ability and might. They were clothed with the Glory of God's fire. Under the power of the Spirit, they manifested total loss of normal mental self control, they began to utter language which was not their own. They became witnesses. After being touched by Power (dunamis) we also bear witnesses that our lives are being remade, renewed, blessed in wholeness, through an agency which is totally beyond man's natural abilities, but that is something of the heavens.

Becoming a New Creation, available to those who believe
The disciples of Jesus included both men and women. They awaited the Promise of the Father in an upper room in the temple in Jerusalem that day of Pentecost. They were all believers in Jesus. They all had known Jesus the man of miracles. They all had walked with him. They all knew his voice and had heard his sayings. Yet, as Jesus reckoned, they were not yet able to minister as God required them to minister. It was not enough to have known Jesus personally, face to face. They and ourselves can not minister from knowledge and experience and natural ability alone!

The ministry of Jesus were to be allotted to his disciples. Spiritual enablements would begin to replicate Christ within each of them! Then this Christ within would work through the believer. Suddenly at the appointed moment each man and woman experienced what the prophets had written: The prophet Joel writing states: "It shall come to pass in the latter days that I will pour out of my spirit upon all flesh --' The prophet Ezekiel writes: "-- a new heart will I give you, and put a new spirit in you; I will remove the heart of stone and put in a heart of flesh-"(Ezekiel Chapter 36:26) I will write my laws upon your heart " and David the psalmist prophet writes: "- Let this be written for a future generation, a people not yet created shall Praise the Lord" --(Psalm 102,18)

That was Then, What About Now?
Religious tradition has relegated the book of Acts to "stories" or fables featuring exploits of unique and favored saints disciples and apostles. Some teach and believe that God no longer wishes to make disciples and to use them as he once did. Empowerment from on high as explained to Peter, James and John is not for today. Be reminded, God does not lie, if He has made any promise he will certainly fulfill that promise. The "promise of the Father" was specifically that of receiving divine, enabling power. It is the prophetic promise that enables the Ministry of Jesus Christ to continue in the church age. The earth will eventually have our sovereign and king present. In a time I believe that is shortly to come, the Kingdom of God will be actualized upon the earth. Jesus Christ will then literally rule and reign upon the planet. But until that time we have that same King, our Sovereign and High Priest ruling from a heavenly place.

You May Receive the Promise of the Father
Only believers can receive the Holy Spirit. This may require some personal self-evaluation. Do you believe? What do you believe? Do you believe that you are a sinner alienated from the life and promises of God? Do you believe that you have up to this time, either knowing or unknowingly, followed a life style ruled by Satan's nature, pride and rebellion and self-service and uncleanness? Do you believe you need a Savior? Do you believe that Jesus was the lamb of God who carried the sins and offenses of the whole world as well as your own? Do you believe that the Messiah's blood has the power to wash all of your sins away and restore you in perfect accord with God the Father? Do you believe that God loves you and wishes to forgive you? Do you believe that He has the power to make your life entire over again and to make you a new creation?

If so, Hallelujah! An ordinary person like you and me, called outcasts, or sinners in the Bible, may begin a spiritual life by talking to God and asking Him to do something in our life. I can assure you of the truth in this. You need to do two things, the first is to believe. Kindly note and consider the things discussed above, for these are the essential elements of believing in the Gospel of Christ. The second is a spoken confession or petition to God. The psalmist states, "I called (spoke) unto the Lord with my voice and He heard me out of His holy hill." (Psalm 3:4 and Psalm 77:1) Confess (say with your own words) what you know about the promises that the cross of the Lord Jesus has acquired for you. Make this personal and honest.

Such a confession or petition to God, is not a ritual but simply getting honest with God, telling Him that you need Him and His transforming dunamis. Acknowledge that you accept the sacrifice of the Son of God for your sins. The words when spoken out of a sincere heart set in motion the gift of God, that we call a new creation. You will be born from above.

Romans 10:9-10 instructs us to proclaim this audibly with a statement of believing that Jesus will meet your need. God honors this confession. He will change you in an instant and take you into His family. However, you must act in all sincerity with faith, believing that you will most assuredly receive the gift of eternal life; this new birth and this new status of righteousness in Christ Jesus.

This is the first step of receiving the Promise of the Father, the gift of the Holy Spirit. If you are already a believer and have a sure witness of the fact that God has restored your spirit, you are eligible to become a disciple filled with power.

Must you be ;Worthy; or pure to receive the Holy Spirit baptism?
Do not be misled by doctrine that requires a believer to be spiritually clean and perfect before receiving the gift of Holy Spirit power. It is because we are flawed and weak in the flesh that this gift is given! This is erroneously taught be some. It is in fact the Holy Spirit himself who provides the ability to live the God life and provides the power to remove the hindrances to righteous acts and thoughts in a believer's life. This is another charis Gift of God.

The experience of being born of the Spirit, regenerate, made new, (born again) is a good example of how God (through Christ Jesus) works on our behalf. All operations of faith operate through a similar sequence of action to that demonstrated above (Romans Chapter 10, verses 9 and 10.) Belief is followed by action. We believe in our hearts and express the belief vocally. The Heavenly Father is anxious to give you His Kingdom. (Luke 12,32).

BELIEVING IN THE HEART Believe and confess that Jesus died to make us free from the penalty of sin. He also wishes to make you into a true disciple. If we TRULY believe (know) and confess BELIEVING that God wishes to empower us as he empowered his first disciples. He desires to give you a good gift and empower you. Believe that Jesus has done that greater work on our behalf. Receiving the "Baptism of the Holy Spirit" is God's desire for you.

As he commanded the first disciples so he also commands in order that we can function as a child of God. In the process of being filled with the Spirit the disciples in the second chapter of Acts came together to seek the promise of the Father. They sought it prayerfully. After the Holy Spirit was poured out there were manifestations for each disciples. They did not attempt to go out and minister without the experience. When the moment of fulfillment came - - They began to praise God and to prophecy and to speak in other languages that the Holy Spirit gave to them.

Speaking in 'Other Tongues'
Holy Spirit languages are of two varieties, unknown actual languages and spiritual languages. Not all are given the gift of receiving known languages that are spoken by tribes and nations. But heavenly languages and their revelations and not withheld from any seeking the gift. Understanding and receiving these spiritual languages are a problem for many believers. There is the matter of relinquishing mental control, not thinking too much. This is a weird kind of thing for people to do. Releasing the language utterance is a little confusing. Does one try or try not to try? It is hard to release words you do not know by not thinking. The wisdom of God has made it possible to bypass the normal functions of reasoning and mental operation. Ordinary thought processes are mostly by-passed when accessing the tongues of God. Words you speak are not words or vocabulary to "learn." The language of tongues are real languages a form of speech. They may or may not be identified as any human dialect. A method which I have used to help if you are blocked or frustrated in the pursuit of a Spiritual language; Try a syllable at a time. You can also write on paper a series of syllables each containing a vowel and consonants in a any sequence. Don't think about it at all just write them as they seem to come randomly. Syllables make up words whether known words or unknown.

Paul refers to 2 kinds of tongues; tongues of men; and of angels (1Cor 13). Tongues are messages from God, or a way for us to give God perfect praise to him. At other times tongues along with a spoken interpretation is a message to edify others.

What tongues do
Tongues normally work to edify and instruct ourselves on a spiritual level. Tongues bring revelatory wisdom. Tongues also open the door to Spiritual experiences of all kinds making us sensitive to comprehend heavenly things. Tongues build our faith and open understanding of the Scripture. The Holy Spirit Baptism shows evidence of God working in our life. It will give us a desire to study the Bible more. It will give us the passion to spend more time in prayer. It will cause us to join others and discuss matters of the Kingdom of God. It will inspire you to do special things to minister to others. You may see yourself actually visiting certain people are sharing special things with a friend or neighbor.

Prayer language and Holy Spirit Ministry The gift of Tongues as listed in 1 Corinthians, Chapter 12 is the ability to speak a language having never learned it. An example is described in Acts Chapter two. Where Galileans spoke the languages known to many nations who were present. Experience has taught me that languages can be a part of messages given publicly in meetings although this is not seen too often. As we pray in the Spirit our minds are rendered quiescent. the language of the Spirit has no predictability or conscious control. We find in it many kinds of expressions both in word and in tones of expression.

Employing Tongues, Praying in the Spirit
Praying in the Spirit, expresses through a Spiritual language God's perfect will about matters of the moment. When we do not know how to pray about a particular matter, the Holy Spirit provides the necessary words. Romans, 8: 26, describes ;groanings; or expressions beyond words. This is also called praying in the Spirit. Intercessors will lapse into prayers beyond words where sounds come forth that are very strange to listen to and may not sound at all like language. We can also receive the understanding of prayers that we pray or that are prayed by others.
Understanding may come into our minds spontaneously after we have spoken in tongues, or after someone else has been heard to utter something in a spiritual language. You may seek and ask the Lord to reveal these that you pray about so that you mind may also be fruitful. (1Cor 14) Interpreted tongues equal prophecy. Intercession, a Spiritual Ministry The ministry of divine intercession is empowered through the language of the Spirit.

Intercession a Spiritual Ministry

God through the Holy Spirit calls forth active and anointed intercession.
The Holy Spirit directs our attention to matters that the Father seeks to address. Some are given this ministry gift in a unique and powerful way. The Holy Spirit causes such individuals to yield to the Spirit and bring out the words necessary to enforce the perfect will of God for many things.

The expression "travailing in the Spirit" is a very real expression of Godly Sorrow. It can not be taught! It must be induced by the Holy Spirit. Just as travail is a Biblical reference to birthing so it is in the Spirit. It has the fruit of spiritual change or breakthroughs. Sometimes we see the fruit as answered prayers as when a wayward child comes to the Lord from a life of sin.

It has been testified how people awaken in the night to intercede in prayer for people they know or for those in ministry undergoing trials and crisis.

Some teachers proclaim revelations that result from spiritual intercession. Where matters of revelation are concerned as given them by the Holy Ghost such things must be examined in the light of scripture. When there is no foundation in the Bible, such inspired 'revelations' should be discarded.

The power of praying God's will for people, circumstances or nations, need not depend upon the leading of the rational mind. Sometimes visions and revelations can accompany intercession where God allows his servant to see the nature of the circumstances for which he or she is praying.

Praying in the Spirit and the ministry of intercession is not learned by reading a 'how to' book. It may be seen demonstrated by men or women with the gift. Like other spiritual practices it is learned by practice and experience. God is willing to train any person who wishes to expand his knowledge of Spiritual things. It is continued practice that brings ability and fruitfulness in learning and application of Spiritual things. Disciples are learners. Practice ministering through prayer, according to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Ask the Lord to train you and lead you in the Spirit. Surely it His will and pleasure to develop his children to become mature "sons or daughters of God."

Spiritual Gifts
Each believer has a unique calling and a particular gift that functions in the body of Christ.
We are in fact now a part of the expression of Christ's very body upon the earth. The Body shares gifts of various kinds that should find expression not just in the arena of everyday life but when the believers gather together. (Romans 12, 1 Corinthians 12, 1 Peter 4:11, Ephesians 4) Expressing God's direction through the manifold gifts is the perfect function of body fellowship. Such gatherings edify all of its members and bless their communities.

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