It's the most important message you may have never heard.

Religion may have given you a negative view of the subject.

Religion may have given you absolutely nothing at all.

You will find it in John's Gospel Chapter 3 and verse 3.

Some say it is the most important verse in the Bible.

Well, in deed, it is a wonderful place to start.

Being BORN AGAIN is a supernatural experience.

It is what G-d Almighty does for those WHO ASK!

Most folks who attend Churches have chosen RELIGION

instead of relationship with the Living G-d.

They spend most of their lives in UNBELIEF.

Do you believe that Jesus (Yeshua of Nazareth) is ALIVE

risen from death and alive in Heaven's Splendor?

Do you believe that he is able to grant ETERNAL LIFE

for those who believe in him and simply ask?

He has been given ALL POWER in heaven and earth.

He has power over DEATH, HELL, and the GRAVE!

His name is GREATER than any other!

He has power to set the CAPTIVE FREE, and he can make

the vilest of sinners, losers, addicts and moral reprobates

into SAINTS who are being reshaped into Spiritual


He has come to destroy the works of the EVIL ONE.

He has come to make all things NEW. We become

NEW CREATIONS in Christ Jesus (2 Corinthians 5:17).

When HE calls you, you will answer.

His hand is extended to all who need and seek his

MERCY! You can choose LIFE today.

He has come to redeem us from the CURSE of the law;

to SAVE US from our fallen states!

Do you love this world? Do you seek its pleasures

and approval? Then you may not be ready to receive

the GIFT. Those who love this world and seek its approval

are seeking something that will soon pass away.

Their awaits for all us LIFE and BLESSING

or DEATH and the penalty of fallen humanity.

This day, chose LIFE and ask the redeemer to

set you free, to make you BRAND NEW.

If you are ready and if you believe you can become

a true Son or Daughter of G-d. Jesus' blood bought

you that right.


Go to ROMANS (it's in the Bible) Chapter 10, and find

verses 9 and 10.

Call upon him. Ask for his mercy. Acknowledge who

HE IS, he is the I AM.

If you mock his name and what he has done for

every soul, then this is not your time.

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