Sketch Book Assignments
Sketch books are done outside of class

Drawing art sketch book assignments provides creative opportunities to try at home. These drawings or mixed media approaches can be critiqued in a variety of ways. They may or may not be given grades to apply to the final assessment of student art production.

The list of sketch assignments provide a theme or subject to guide your thinking,
a suggested method or medium to use in the work.
You provided the Imagination to develop each topic. Hundreds of different interpretations are possible.
Any one of these assignments can be developed in a thorough and workmanlike way.
Don't skimp on the time. Some times good work takes time. 

Preliminary Skills: Before these projects are attempted. Certain skills need to be developed and applied. Basic observation skills are really valuable. Secondly the use of space and its visual content should be understood and applied. Also each of the processes or technique skills require attention as to method.

Size of Pages
Select either of two sizes of the Sketch Book. Either 11x14 or 12 x 16.

These are two standard Sketch Book sizes. Sketch Book tablets can be purchased for your work. If you choose not to buy one. You will need to cut drawing paper to fit the above size.

Due Date of Sketch Book:
A Sketch Book is due every other Friday. (Every TWO weeks.)

Sketch Book Media & Techniques:
Each assignment has a topic or theme to interpret and a specific medium
or technique to use. Do the listed assignments in the order that they are given, this will allow evaluation, sharing and feed back and for unified displays.

Each of the following themes is strait forward and allows for a broad range of personal interpretation. Techniques are more specific but some have flexibility too. There will be a feed back session about the sketch books each Friday that they are due.

Theme Method Additional Information & Ideas
1. Reflections Monochrome brush and wash Limited color range

2. A Dream Pencil and Pen Fantasy

3. Interesting Masses Appearance of 3 dimensionality Real or abstract

4. Animal or Pet Charcoal or Pastel Use blends- "fix" the surface.

5. Love or Romance Interpretive (Expressive) Color Your insights

6. Interpret a Sport Collage/Montage Integrate cut, torn and drawn images

7. Objects and shadows Your Choice of medium The drama of shadows

8. Self Portrait Interpret your personality Black & white or color

9. Design choice: 1. a badge, 2. buckle or 3.ornament. Use ink and poster paint

10.Blow-up a one inch section of a photo Macro realism Select the best view


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