Realistic Self Portrait
Advanced Art: Project 1
Black &White Acrylic
General Procedure Outline: 

1. Attach paintings to a large drawing board. Keep page from being damaged. 

2. Use Black & White Acrylic paint. 

3. You may need more than one sized brush. 

4. Add some water to paint to thin it and cause it to flow more smoothly. 

5. Take only the amount of paint you can use. Acrylics are too expensive to waste. 

6. Give yourself a palette with enough space on it to mix your tones or colors. 

7. Clean all brushes with soap and water. Any paint left in brush will wreck it. 

Methods in technique:


1. Work in the largest darkest areas first. Do not attempt any detail at first. 

2. Use a small brush to clarify the outline with dark tone. Where there are small but dark areas. Mouth (between the lips); Ears; Parts of eyelids. 

3. Locate the next darkest areas, which are not so dark as the black areas. 

4. Mix up the appropriate tone of dark for these areas. Think of these areas as shapes and brush these in. 

5. Continue to paint areas in stages, mixing and painting gradually lighter. 

6. The last areas to paint are the white places which will represent the brightest lit parts. A white shirt will not be all white but white accents on light gray. 

Judging your own work.

1. Use your picture continuously as the guide for locating tone and detail. 

2. Try to blend tonal areas to one another. 

3. Mistakes can be painted over. 

3. Go for the highest level of realism that you can achieve. 


a pinkmeister production

picture this