Wheaton High School

Wheaton, Minnesota
Your Host, Charlie Pinkney  

Making Pattern Designs
        Patterns add a decorative quality to art. Pattern adds an element of beauty to an otherwise plain or drab - purely functional - form. Patterns are a basic part of art creation. Patterns are key to making handicrafts. They play a large role in ethnic or native art. We can apply pattern to decorate various types of craft projects.  Our clay design projects will include pattern.


Repeating an object or form is the basis of decorative  pattern

A slight variation is to alternate two or moore forms in a systematic way


Repeating either upside down, mirrored, or flipped is another system

 Grouping objects or clustering objects


Placing patterns and forms inside of other forms

 Arranging repeated objects to form a line
The line can make a border or have another use

Any family of forms can be varied and produce slight differences in pattern