There are many kinds of art and 
many motivations for making art. 
A new form to consider is narrative art.

Narrative art is art that tells a story.

Perhaps one of the most familiar kinds of story telling art is the comic book. In comics we see frames or boxes each telling a part of the story. Each frame represents a moment of action. In a comic book the characters express speech and dialogue with speech bubbles.

Picture books are another kind of narrative art. We all enjoyed having books read to us as children and later enjoyed reading these tales ourselves. Picture books are somewhat like the comic book except there can be any number of styles of art illustrations used in Story Books - - also story books do not use speech bubbles.

An Illustration is any picture that tells a story. Illustrations do not supply the text to tell us what the picture is about. We supply the meaning on our own.

A narrative also tells a story but with a narrative there is a series of related illustrations which complete the whole story. Artists and Illustrators use there own unique styles and techniques in making narratives of manly kinds. The video is visual and verbal at the same time.

I will be showing you video narratives which tell stories. What you will need to try to do is to exercise your visual skills in looking and seeing as you watch the video. There will be a tendency to stop looking and noticing and only listen to the verbal content forgetting the visual content. Try to stay focused on each of the many complete pictures that make up a video narrative. There may be several dozens of pictures to complete each 25-minute story.


1. Notice the personal style of the illustrator. The style does not change from scene to scene.

2. Notice how the artist achieved the effect of tone, color and shading. What media was used?

3. Notice the artist always uses interesting design "break up"and arrangement in each scene.

4. Notice how the picture is simply arranged but are yet DEVELOPED so the spaces are not boring.

5. Notice how similarity and repetition is introduced to make the parts harmonize.

6. Notice how the artist stylizes the familiar forms. Stylizing means streamlining and abstracting.

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