What Makes Art Good Or Not So Good?


All Art Classes Name Hr Date
What Your Art Teacher is Looking For
Evidence that you (the artist) understand the concept which is being studied
Size and Placement of Object in Space
Detail (Development of Visual Interest)
Mass or 3 Dimensional effects
Expression or Interpretation Etc.
Have you heard and followed project directions?
Evidence that YOU Are Working with a Positive and Caring Attitude
Does the Art Work look Finished?
Is the Art Work done Carefully
Production is Done with Workmanship or Skill
Evidence that YOU Are Working with a Interesting and Personal Ideas
Good Ideas Make Good Art
Good Ideas Express You as an Individual
Great Artists Have Had something to Say
Evidence that YOU Are Working with Knowledge of Visual Components
Do You actually see what is on the Page or Canvas or in the Space
Visual Parts and their Relationship to Each other is the focus of DESIGN
Is there Awareness of Pattern
Evidence that YOU Are Working with a Performer's Viewpoint
Performers demonstrate a sense of Importance of Their Craft or Skill
Performers Respect the Audience and Do not wish to Do Poorly
Evidence of skills which are used in Art
Technique Skills Apply the Right Method to Any Media

Skills Is Knowing How To ___________________(Name any skill related activity)_

The Product (Performance) Speaks for Itself.

Your Thinking is What Causes the Product to Turn Out As It Has.

The Product Will Last A Long Time ( If an effort is made to keep it.)

Art can Express YOU - - Even After YOU are Gone.

You May Use this Hand Out with the One Called Viewing and Responding to Art.