Advanced Independent 2
 Year 2

Advanced Independent 

If you are a second year student who has had advanced independent art for a semester you are in the independent art mode once again. This means you will be planning your own activities and following an area of interest which you personally select. 

You will not turn in individual projects for a grade

All work is saved as a portfolio and turned in at the end of the nine weeks. 

Quality and Content

There is the expectation that you will be able to apply the basics of art and design better. Also you will be expected to consistently use a high level of creativity and originality in your work. Your work should reflect a higher skill level than previously.  


You will continue to grow in knowledge about art, artists and culture.

You are expected to be open to ideas. The best source of ideas is the world of other artists.  You will be asked to do some kind of library or internet search each week and record your discoveries in a notebook.

The aim for doing this is for your information and understanding of art and artists and how their work relates to culture in general. Keep notes on the art or artists who interest you personally. Please record good information of substance. Your writing or notes should be descriptive, clear and well organized.  Each session of research should have several paragraphs of descriptive commentary.


Keep any simple sketches or thumbnails in a folder or sketchbook. Sketches can be quite unfinished but have a kernel of a good idea. 

Ideas are the key. Sketches are experimental and usually evolve from the first images.