Gary N. Skorheim

The things we're taught from Church and home,
Some truth examined in this poem;
"Of course it's Truth" we will defend,
Are these our truths 'till our life's end?


The Source of Truth, we can agree
Has come from God to you, to me;
And be Foundation of our life;
To live in peace; surpassing strife.


This Source of Truth is in His Book,
The book in which some seldom look.
God's Son has called us to his side,
He's in the Word, with God abides.


The Truth that we can plainly read,
With understanding we can heed;
The higher truth we have to lead
Our good decision and good deed.


But men, well meaning, did invent
Some concepts God has never meant.
Obstructions to our walk of Faith
Distracting from God's Holy Grace.


Priest and Pastor had to lead
The flock back when just few could read
The precious Truths we need to know
To Heaven gain, and children grow.


Truth discovered, truth that's found
Embodied facts on which we ground;
Are not invented, not proposed,
Not imagined, with mind half closed.

Let's examine truths we send
To whom follow our life's end.
Is it Truth were sending out?
Or just tradition that we shout.