Gary N. Skorheim


Six months ago new terror struck
From trusted airway planes.

Careless work at airports large

Moved passengers in lanes.

Unknowing that our enemy
Had acts of horror planned;
Some pilots boarded aircraft

They knew not how to land.

Now vigilance is growing
To use the facts we glean;

By watching immigration

And marking well the Mean.

Why do we get so careless
In guarding well our shores ?
Why do we let our borders
Grow soft, with big wide pores?

We have been invaded
By evil men we know;
But now we have to focus
On watching where they go.

We have men retired
From Services, and trained
To help our Federal Agents
Keep evil men restrained

From moving 'round the Country
Creating dead and maimed.
Remaining wise and watchful
Is Each our duty, and:

Reporting well the bad Guys'
Attempts to harm Our Land.