Gary N. Skorheim

"Go to the store, and get us some milk;
And some bread, and pepper too."
The store's here in town, just five blocks down,
Not twenty-five miles from you.

Although you can shop, it's just a hop
To that twenty-five miles away;
You'll save a few cents, but you may want to ask,
"Will my store last another day?"

The folks here in town are depending on you

To give them a chance to serve;
So check with them first if there's something to buy,
To leave them takes quite the nerve.

My store is the one where the people know me,
And they care about my good;
They're trying to save you some time and some gas,
And preserve the neighborhood.

There are times that we must go out of town,
To find just what we need;
But just to leave town for a handful of change,
Is not a neighborly deed.

The people you know in your local store
Will take good care of you;
You'll see them in church, and all around town,
And they'll cheer you in what you do.

It's time to watch out for each other's good,
As daily through life we go;
So what is our life, but our family and friends,
And our servers we get to know.