By Gary Skorheim 1-15-85

We praise You Father, for giving us Life,
For woman her husband, for giving man, wife.
We thank you that Grace has made us as One,
That caring and sharing will grow; are not done.

We thank you for children, in wedlock, and out;
They all are your children, without any doubt.
Adopted or natural, our parents we need,
We all grow in Love, if Your Laws we will heed.

The world would upset us, tear families apart;
But God has the answer, He gives us the Heart
To love and continue in Covenant True
The Bond made in Heaven, divorce won't undo.

Now heeding His Word, and growing in care,
Our family is joyous, United in Prayer.
When our life is over, His work through us done,
We've asked Him to take us: to be with Him, One.