By Gary N. Skorheim

I thank You, Lord, for house and home.

I give you thanks, for roads to roam.

Friends and kin we try to see
Before you call them home to Thee.

We've been made by God and place,
To praise Him and to love the race
Of all people, by His Grace,
That they may come to Thee.

Though some kill with Terror fire
Not from our's, nor Your desire;

We now try to spread Your Love,

That many more may Rest; Above.

Every day that You create,
I must try to contemplate
Your will for me to spread the Joy
To Everyone: Each Girl, Each Boy.

Life is marching, far ahead;
We must act in Jesus' stead.
Some don't know Him, we can see;
Jesus' call comes from the Tree,

He has paid the price for sin;
And is pleading "Do come in".
To the Knowledge of his love,
He is granting life Above.

Thank you Father, we now cry,
Your Son has been here to die
For the errors that we make;
We present our Souls to take.