By Gary N. Skorheim

She cares. My work is her reward.
He leads. He shows me in careful steps.
She delights. She sees me catching on.
He waits. At times, I do not follow.

She prepares. She has a plan.
He excites. He draws me in.
She prompts. She helps me find the way.
He works. His reason I can track.

She sacrifices.. Her fun for my next day.

He believes. He shows me higher things.
She knows. She's found that it is true.
He watches. He keeps me from false paths.

She repeats. My attention was not there.
He draws. The picture makes it plain.
She touches. I needed tenderness.
He approves. When I am trying.

She shares. From her own life.
He helps. He says it another way.
She laughs. She keeps me knowing joy.
He's proud. I've finished well this grade.