March 29, 2000

On Word of God my Spirit Flies - -
From dismal ground to morning skies;
Beyond the clouds of yesterday,
My soul is lifted high to stay.

Encouraged by enduring Love
Of promised Holy Spirit dove;
To do the works he taught us to,
For sickness we bring healings new.

From hatred, strife, and poverty,
A higher vision now we see;
The limits of the past we break,
As Jesus' higher hand we take.

We feed the weak and love the poor,
He always shall supply us more;
To cities needing love and hope,
We lower now God's saving rope.

We spread His Truth of love and grace,
To countries far, to every race;
This all we do as mighty kings,
With bonded faith - - In God's Word Wings.


December 22, 2007

As I watch my firewood burning
I once again am yearning
To have good friends and family nearer
And remember times and places dearer

Why so many so far this year
Some are gone, some bring a tear.
My foolish errors of the past
Have far some some friends and family cast
So far it's hard to keep in touch;
But still good memories mean so much.

The values that some learn in youth
We're learned late, if I tell the truth;
And worked delayed in careless living
Is hard to catch up and start giving.

I stir the fire and add some wood
This brings to mind that life is good;
My guardian angel keeps me well
God's promises guard my soul from hell.

His son some folks do not receive
But take for granted, makes me grieve!
The words I spoke in 'eighty one'
"From heart dear God, I take your son -
His painful death my soul has won."

Oh, I still sin, but seldom worry
Christ's blood brings joy back in a hurry.
Obedience is our God's desire,
To use our talents, start a fire;
To help save souls; without the fear
That breathing smoke and smelling beer
Will bring me back to goals down here.

My rooms are cooling, the fire's low
Perhaps it's now that I should go
To find those people who just stare
And ask them if they need a prayer.
To many life is bleak with fear
But trusting God brings Joy each year.

TRUTH - is Created by God
TRUTH - is Discovered, and Realized
TRUTH - Is not Invented
TRUTH - Is not Proposed
TRUTH - Is not Imagined
TRUTH - Is not Formed by a Committee


A trip with Friend
by Gary N. Skorheim

I planned a trip, with old agenda,
Not feeling well that day;
We talked of God.. the Holy Spirit.
This brightened, some, my day.

With Mundane thoughts the first few miles,
Old bills, financial stress;
New destination things had changed:
God's blessings we confessed.

Arriving at arrival town
Some errands we did run,
We felt His presence as we talked;
Some things He wanted done.

We drove some blocks in silence,
Our tasks, in part, were finished.
With passing time and Godly talk,
The mundane thoughts diminished.

We met a lady, Jodi;
So capable with grace.
Then God's divine appointment,
Enlivened the whole place.

Yes, God began his work quite soon,
With minor questions done,
Friend Hank called Jodi "sister,"
Her friendship soon was won.

Smart people, such as Jodi,
Take in Good News quite fast,
just knowing life on earth is short;
Our home with God will last.

Such meetings are our duty;
For God we march along;
God wants to see His children
Enjoy Eternal Song.

Friend Hank is quite alert to God,
The Holy Spirit teaching;
We must watch for searching souls,
With Jesus do the reaching.

If we can travel worldwide,
Or in local town must dwell;
Our duty is to watch; for souls,
He wants to keep from hell.

So travel your own highway,
As Holy Spirit leads,
Go out, enjoy creation;
But do some Holy deeds.

Do check the oil in your car,
And oil in your lamp;
Greet cheerfully God's children,
Both banker and the tramp.

Our time on earth could be quite short,
Our duty not quite done;
But we can win a heavenly prize,
If God's grace we will run.

by Gary N. Skorheim

"Pure emotion" Is the notion
of some folks outside the fold.
"You must pick some other calling.
Is advice from scorners told.

"Math and science, English rules
Must be foremost in our mind."
We can press this kind of learning,
But suppress a higher kind.

God gave us music long before this,
Long before athletic feats,
There is music more important,
More than track and field sport meets.

Songs inspired by our maker,
Come to us in Master Chords,
Give man peace and joy to live
In Godly ways, and praise our Lord.

Music gives us ways of saying
Lovely things to others round;
Deep felt rhythms lift our living,
Help our good health to abound.

Great sounds lift us, raise our site,
For higher works we can attain,
We relate new concepts given
Through good music's rich refrain.

Music helps us tell life's story
As we onward boldly move,
Music gives us inspiration
To man's lot in life improve.