By Gary N. Skorheim

Where would I be without my Lord?
I'd be a man of hate; not God Adored..
What good on Earth would I have been
To those I've led to God, From sin?

He gave me Life with purpose in it,
I prayed He'd save me, about a minute.
I had but life's necessities,
Before I had my Lord to please.

Tithes and offerings I now give,
A higher life I have to live.
Now, my friend, I'm giving more
Exceedingly does God restore.

The Earth is God's; and all that's in it;
Our Enemy still tries to limit
The promises from Father God
To Us His children, taught with rod.

We must fight, demand our right
Sometimes at day, sometimes at night.
Evil thoughts to keep away.
From God's path we must not stray.

While our friends don't understand
New commitments we have in hand;
I can rest in God's Provision:
To work with Christ, I now have risen.