Gary N. Skorheim

We pay our bills and taxes too,
I have some stories; so do you.
Sometimes a bill we've had to pay,
Comes back to haunt another day.

Corporations filled with goals of greed
Will double bill us; we must heed.
Most of them in honor serve,
But some of them will throw a curve.

The telephone we use each day
Has companies that we must pay,
Competing for our hard-earned cash
Annoy us with competing trash.

Deceitful plans that sound so good,
They hope that we've not understood;
Begins the billing, as we talk
To family beyond neighborhood.

Now credit cards that we may use
Are very easy to abuse.
As balances accumulate
We see the cost of interest rate.

The Mail's cards, some "pre-approved"
Can put us in a spending mood
That bring a mountain high with debt,
And monthly woes of deep regret.

So we must stop, and contemplate
Each card, and check abusive rate
That brings more debt,
and steals our peace
'till we our credit shopping cease.

If you're ripped off by vender big,
Call government to help you dig
The cause of your deceitful charge,
And stop the greed of boardrooms large.