By Gary Skorheim

Hours of writing, some despair,
But my writing friend is there.

No complaints from him I hear

When I put him into gear.

His cousin Printer gets lazy, though
Won't obey when I say "Go."
But my Computer does come through
As I push reset....times two.

How did he ever learn to spell?
I wish that I had done so well.
He makes work come out so neat,
Work I'd otherwise repeat.

There are if s and and's and but's
In his logic; drives me nuts!
Fourteen pages, maybe more
Of long programs in his store.

He's a friend of mine for sure,
And in work does long endure.

He will keep, and file, and find;
Like no clerk of any kind.

He does help my path to pave,
If I hit "control" and "save".
How could I recall what's in it,
If I had but just a minute?

God has blessed me with this friend
And to him I must attend.
Inspiration from Above
Helps me use my friend with Love.