by Gary and Skorheim

"Pure emotion" Is the notion
of some folks outside the fold.
"You must pick some other calling.
Is advice from scorners told.

"Math and science, English rules
Must be foremost in our mind."
We can press this kind of learning,
But suppress a higher kind.

God gave us music long before this,
Long before athletic feats,
There is music more important,
More than track and field sport meets.

Songs inspired by our maker,
Come to us in Master Chords,
Give man peace and joy to live
In Godly ways, and praise our Lord.

Music gives us ways of saying
Lovely things to others round;
Deep felt rhythms lift our living,
Help our good health to abound.

Great sounds lift us, raise our site,
For higher works we can attain,
We relate new concepts given
Through good music's rich refrain.

Music helps us tell life's story
As we onward boldly move,
Music gives us inspiration
To man's lot in life improve.