By Gary Skorheim

What is our meaning in life? How much does it show?
Are we looking at what life means? Are we just on the go? Should we think some of others? Will they think some of me?
Should I dare to have feelings.. I can let others see?

It's so easy to keep on.. just doing my thing,
And not have to reckon.. with what it will bring.
Should I trust in the future? Now, what if I care..?
What good is in risking? How much should I dare..?

Can I choose to be friendly.. to love, and to trust?

Will they choose to be friendly.. If risk it ..I must?

My pent up emotions.. from day unto day..
Keep leading me, pleading.. to look for a way
That gives life more meaning, more challenge, more drive:
Some deeper commitment.. To keep me alive.


I don't want to dabble.. In drugs, sex, nor drink,
Although all the World.. Seems brought to the brink

Of making decisions, without time to think..

There's damage, and sadness, rejection, deceit..
If quality judgements we fail to meet..
I'll seek words of Wisdom to guide head and feet.

On my way I'll be finding.. If God I keep near..

That best joys.. And best sorrows.. Are all worth a tear.