Gary N. Skorheim


In Memory's Fields Ideas flow
From obscure days, to life aglow,
With fond awareness we now give
Our benefits to all who live

In search of season's joy.
Expected toil from youth to old
May, or may not, riches hold.
The lessons learned come oft too late

That "truths" we've held can dissipate
To seasons lacking joy.
Old Wisdom lies in lovely homes
In Word of God, in honored poems,

Neglected by our busy pace;
We've only futilized our race
To season's hopeful joys.
New strands of life that home can weave

Will grow, if courage to believe
God's Truth, as generations did attest,
Will yield more than World's best
New deeper season's joys.

In Mem'ry's Fields new blossoms grow
Of hope and love, as on we go
Through here, and in Eternity,
The Masters grace is what we see

In seasons filled with Joy.