by Gary N. Skorheim

Early in our days, it seems,
We scatter energy and dreams.
Not knowing when, or how, or why
We will live before we die.

Then parent, teacher, friend or foe
Will force or teach us how to go
To find a talent, strength or bent
Not from within, but is God sent.

Yet we explore beyond our vision
So many things; not our decision.
Curricula we all must heed
Until in freedom we can lead
A life with purpose, life with creed.

Points of value, hope of gain,
Friendships build; some friendships wane.
We're not always understood
When leaving friends for our own good.

Doing what God wants us to,
It's up to me, it's up to you
To focus on the work ahead
To give us joy, with little dread.

We try to live as Jesus lived,
And try to love as Jesus loved.
With hurting people on the Earth,
Let's help them get a new rebirth.

Rewards on Earth endure not long
Compared with God's Eternal Song.
One life I fully try to live,
My best to Jesus now I give.

V +~-*