By Gary N. Skorheim

What are you called out to do
To get yourself outside of you?
The path of life that you have led
Seems unproductive in your head.

But you've been groomed for higher things
Than summers, winters, autumns, springs.
Be firm in growing year to year
That later years will give you cheer.

Decide to stretch from time to time
So you will live an upward climb.
The World needs that you create,
Our higher life anticipate;

Unlimited by bonds behind,
Lift the good of all mankind.
Invent the concepts in your mind
To working models, hard to find.

Display the principles and show
That there's a better way to go.
Know that there's a Lord above
Who wants to show you well, his love;

To lead His people in His ways,
That they find new prosperous days.
Write the music that He gives
To parallel the life He lives.

In your rich spirit, lives to lift;
Display the Glory of His Gift.