February 25, 2002

By Gary N Skorheim

Home joys, music that gives us peace
Are being restored; but we are at war.
We will be at war until the terrorists are defeated. We are allowed to live and love peacefully Because we are a Nation of freedom.

Our Defense Forces, Our President are warring
To keep our peace and maintain our hope.
The arrows of attack in 1941 stirred our resolve.
The horrors of attack in 2001 sharpened our resolve.

Our enemies would destroy God's favor on us.
But as the Bible tells us, "The Battle Belongs to God".
This will remain true as long as God can recognize us As His beloved Children; not walking away from God.


Do we belong to God if we allow the Ten Commandments
to be taken from our cherished school rooms?
Do we belong to God, if we misuse His Name ?
Do we belong to God, if we mistreat our citizens?

Do we belong to God, if we kill children being born?
Do we belong to God if we allow our laws,
which have Been founded on His Laws, to become ungodly?
Do we belong to God if we vote people into office

Who would let our National Government decay?
We must keep our homes, our schools, Godly.
We must watch carefully what our Officials are doing.
We must compare what they are doing, as we hold up

The Bible, and compare what God would have us do.
We are at War. We are in a war that is rooted in a Battle
of Good, on the side of God; against: Battle forces of Evil, trying to destroy God-based life.

We need God to battle with us; or we could lose.
We must keep God in our battle for Our Nation:
By keeping God, In our Nation.