Biblical Topics

Tough Biblical Topics
by Mary Pinkney Parnell

How to Read the Bible (pdf)

The Word of Faith and The New Age (pdf)


Dominion Theology Part I
Orthodoxy or Heresy?

Dominion Theology Part II:
The Demonic Doctrine of Replacement Theology in Lynn Hiles'
”The Revelation of Jesus Christ from a Modern Prophet"

Domionion Theology Part III
Red Flags and Spiritual Abuse

Dominion Theology Part IV
Secrets in the Church – pdf Reader

Secrets in the Church - pdf

Feedback, Reader Reviews and Responses

Reader Reviews and Responses

Typology of The Ancient Jewish Wedding
(a picture of the rapture)
Typology of Jewish Wedding -
Its implication for Christian Believers

Clarifying the Rapture from the Second Coming
As Revealed in Epistles to the Thessalonians

The Wrath of God, His Final Judgment

The Wrath of God, Final Judgment


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which remains "the apple of God's eye,"and "God's prophetic time piece."

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