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Mary Pinkney Parnell


The United States Doesn't Get It

The greatest error of the United States is failing to understand the mind-set of the Islamic terrorist.  The terrorist, whether Sunni, Shiite, PlO, Hamas, or Al Qaida has dedicated his life to a series of principles.  Actually the mind of the dedicated Islamist functions the same way:

  •        It is good to lie to the infidel
  •        It is good to deceive the infidel
  •        It is good to cheat the infidel
  •        It is good to blend in with the infidel in order to later appeal to the American sense
          of fairness, so if an arrest is made, the neighbor registers the right amount of
  •        It is good to agree with the infidel until our objectives are reached; the infidel will
           never understand that we really don't agree.       
  •        Best of all, it is good to kill the infidel by any means possible!

The killing of innocents is the hallmark of terrorism. Whereas in ancient times the Jews eradicated child sacrifice, Allah reinstated it.  Little children and teens are taught a culture of death, used as living bombs and as human shields. Their mothers flood the streets with gifts of candy when their children die for Allah. The latest London terror plot has taken a young mother into custody who planned to sacrifice her six month old baby by putting explosives into his bottle.

However, when a photo-op occurs, the mothers and neighbors of dead children cry foul in the face of war's collateral damage. They reserve the absolute right to kill their own children because their God, Allah, not to be confused with JHVH, rewards suicide and homicide in Heaven with 72 virgins or by allowing the young girl jihadist to become said virgin.

The American mind-set is befogged by psychology and the "You're ok and I'm ok" mentality.  Especially if you are an intellectual and in a prominent role, your mind is dedicated to the premise of political correctness, peace, passivity, and pabulum.  You must be the perennial good guy.

Your desperate need is to understand the Palestinian, Iraqi, Iranian.  You have to know why they hate us. You know it has to do with something we did, some evil act of imperialism.  We must have done something evil back in our history.  But your mind cannot remember six years of history, even if your views are only formed by Hollywood , Oliver Stone, and the sacramental anchor men dispensing their alarms.

So,  if the American can just do enough soul-searching and take two more swigs out of that bottle of compassion over there, he will understand the terrorist, placate him and the animosity will end.  Right?  Wrong!  How about if we can just get him to the table for a nice little chat? Discussion is mother's milk for us, but not for them. The Middle Easterner does not have the same value system as Western democracies! Period!

I encountered this mind-set during the Iranian crisis under Jimmy Carter.  Americans were kidnapped and held hostage while the terrorists made their demands.  Carter was wringing his hands and overdosing on that same bottle of compassion and appeasement. Ironically in the wake of this crisis, our campuses were flooded with Middle Eastern students.

I had an interesting student from Iran, (the country that was the most westernized and forward-looking until the Ayatollahs came along). Khalid was balding, fortyish, and and carried a briefcase. He turned up in several of my classes. Every time there was a test, Khalid cheated.  Every time he cheated, I caught him and gave him a zero.  One time, exasperated, I said, "Khalid, if you worked just as hard at studying as you do at cheating you could pass." 

He answered with, "I must try!"
     "Try what?"
     "I must try, it is my honor."
     "To cheat?"  I asked in amazement.  More dialogue ensued until my thick American
       head got the message.  "Why?"
    "Because you are American and woman!"

I got it!  I had just encountered a microcosm of a culture that would terrorize America  and the world little by little for the next 27 years.  Israel had already been thoroughly exposed but was becoming imbued with the same western mind-fog as America.

Later, Khalid offered me a monetary bribe for a grade which I sadly turned down. He could well afford the bribe because I happened upon his bank statement left in a Xerox machine, over $100,000 in checking.  His higher education couldn't have been too important.

By now readers may be labeling me a racist and objecting but not all are like that.
Naturally. I am trying to step way back to look at our mind-set as juxtaposed to that of our enemies'.  

Just recently Michigan police found 1000 Trac phones in a van in Dearborn. Trac phones have already been proven to be used in detonating bombs. The young Muslim men cried foul, cried racial profiling and insisted they were just selling them. Never mind that the phones had been removed from the packages as were the batteries and chargers. Yah, I really want to buy one of those! But political correctness prevailed and they were released. Their families insist that they are good boys. But this is Dearborn folks, the largest imported Muslim enclave in the US. But better to be dead than to be accused of racism. Right? These are the same folks that our ships rescued out of Lebanon when the war broke out. Ever wonder why so many Americans were in Lebanon? Most were visiting their relatives. Meanwhile Dearborn continues to march in rallies supporting Hezbollah.

Long before our war on terror, I was introduced to an essential principle which has caused both America and Israel to fail again and again: for the West, it is honorable to not cheat, to keep promises and to tell the truth; for the radical, it is honorable to
cheat, to break promises and to lie to the Western infidel.

The tribal culture of the Moslem has brainwashed him for centuries into a cult of honor, revenge, and vengeance.  Their tribal memories are long.  It was once said that if an Arab avenges an offense after fifty years, that he is acting in haste. He needs to perfect the methods of deceit in order to make an honorable retaliation 50 years or 100 years later; he will not forget.

Furthermore, British writers like TE Lawrence has made the Arab a cult hero. He is a romantic figure in white robes on an Arabian horse riding through the desert with the disc of the red sun illuminating the  background of desert and desert rider. The Arab envisions himself as this hero and the delusion goes deep. The Western mind buys into it. We don't envision ourselves wearing a prayer shawl and a skull cap pouring over the Torah or starving in a German camp.

So the West reasons that Arabs must have a cause for hating Israel--never mind that the cause goes back 4000 years. We reason that the Arab hatred of Israel is the land issue. The Arab hates Israel because his land was taken away and they hate America because we are allied with Israel.  Israel must have taken the land away from the Palestinians, we reason. We never bother with historical facts.

Newspapers advocate this Palestinian line as the cause of the conflict, but does not focus on the total Arab rejection of Israel as a Jewish state. So concession after concession is made by Israel regarding land they have paid for, improved and won in wars they have not started.  The West's historical memory is short.

Again and Again Islamic leaders have declared that all of Israel is to become a Palestinian State. Israel must be driven into the sea. When Barak offered Arafat half of Jerusalem and all of the West Bank, and Gaza, he turned it down while terrorism never abated for an instant.  Israel could not offer any more without erasing itself. However, the patient mind-set of the terrorist knows that he will win this war of attrition.  If he waits long enough Israel will give Israel away in their fog of western delusion.

So terrorists group, re-group, and make treaties and agreements that they have no intention of keeping. But the West and Israel continue on in the same path not learning from past experience. They hope that discussions and dialogues will lead to friendship and understanding.  No, the insult goes back farther than memory and Islamic revenge will not be complete until the destruction of the West.

Let us look back on our own TV memory.  Can you remember the picture of Arafat, Clinton and Peres on the White House lawn shaking hands over their valiant efforts at peace in the Middle East?  Clinton and Peres quietly overlook the Munich massacre, the bombing of the US embassy in Beirut, and scores of bus bombings and atrocities enacted by PLO. If we pretend it didn't happen, maybe they will quit is the tacit understanding.

That historic moment was born out of the Oslo II Peace Accords in the early nineties which called for Israeli forces to withdraw from Bethlehem, Jericho, Nablus, Ramallah and the Gaza strip.  What was the PLO supposed to do?  Just be nice. Give the Jews peace. But withdrawal from these areas was accompanied by a reign of terror, ambushes, axings, murders, kidnappings, auto thefts, and bus bombings as the PLO continued with its objective to destroy the Jewish State.  And Arafat was rewarded with the Noble Peace Prize.  And the money the bleeding hearts sent to the Palestinian cause bulged the Arafat coffers with billions.  The Palestinians remained impoverished but were kept fat on a diet of hate and the promise of Jewish eradication.

Meanwhile during that time the UN voted 133-1 to declare Israel's jurisdiction over Jerusalem null and void.  The brave US abstained.  How about a NO vote US?  How about moving the US embassy to Jerusalem to give Israel some validity?  Other sad agreements was Israel's withdrawal from Biblical Hebron, the burial place of Abraham and Sarah, Jacob and Leah, Isaac and Rachel.  Thus the Oslo II peace accords were met by hard concessions on the part of Israel and PLO terrorist activity merely increased. It would be difficult to list each act of atrocity though these lists exist on the History of Israel home page.  

In order for this emerging Palestinian Authority to govern themselves, they had to have a police force, so under Oslo, 12,000 police men were provided.  This number mushroomed to 30,000, so now in effect, the "peace" efforts armed the Palestinian so they could terrorize even more efficiently.

Still most Israelis objected to a separate Palestinian State until George Bush came along and said, "I know what will bring peace . . ."  The US cozied up with the anti-Semitic UN and EU and with Russia which covertly supplies Iran with weapons. And so the quartet ( the US, the EU, the UN and Russia) created the Road Map to Peace which essentially provided for a dual state. Now instead of a president inviting a terrorist to the white House lawn, we have the first president to partition Erez Israel in disobedience to the God of Abraham.

Now the pressure from the State department began in earnest and more concessions were made with the Sharon government in full compliance. Families were forcefully removed from their homes in Gaza and in Samaria.  The beautiful euphemism was "disengagement." George Orwell would have loved that one.  Through all of these concessions, the terrorist saw only victory for their acts of terrorism.

Over 7000 Israeli casualties have occurred since the year 2000: incidents of drive-by shootings, IDF kidnappings, suicide bombings, and stabbings; 1,121 Jews died. But when the Israelis build a fence to ward off such attacks, the world cries "foul". Jews are stealing Palestinian territory.  No outcry is made against Jewish deaths. Now that Israel can prove that over-the-border terrorism into Israel proper has been reduced by 80% because of the fence, nobody says, "goody."

Through all of these concessions, the terrorist saw opportunities for provocation. Rockets came pouring in from Gaza and the North. The kidnapping of Jewish soldiers occurred when the terrorist saw his own cause strengthened. Amazingly, the Jews fought back. This time the Israeli government under Olmert vacillated. They did not strike with overwhelming strength. They didn't send in ground troops right away. Meanwhile the news cameras watched for innocent civilian deaths even though they have blindly ignored years of Jewish deaths by terrorists.

Anytime a concession is made to terrorism, the terrorists view us with contempt and thumb their collective noses at our do-gooding,  bleeding hearts. While the world cries disproportionate response to Israel, the UN hurries with a plan that no respectable terrorist will abide by.

And one that will not benefit Israel!  Hezbollah was not disarmed.  The kidnapped soldiers were not returned.  And the agreement has no teeth. The UN peacekeepers are comprised of primarily Moslem nations  that hate Israel.  Europe is not participating and France has backed off the promise that caused the cease-fire to be acceptable.  Meanwhile the US pressured Israel to sign on to a potentially harmful agreement.

The recent cease-fire agreement was signed by Lebanon, US, Israel, and the Security Council.  All the while Iran still plans to destroy Israel and Hezbollah vows not to give up its weapons. Hezbollah, the trouble maker, doesn't need to sign as they are not  a nation. However they pull the strings of their puppet Lebanon. Amadinejab is the Iranian puppet master of the Shiites, and Nasrallah is their spiritual leader.  These same Shiites are responsible for increased terror activity in Iraq. They will view the recent conflict as a win and the UN resolution as a green light.  

This last UN cease fire ruling will do nothing to stop the violence because the Islamic terrorist does not play by the rules.  Different mind-set, remember?

Sources: David Dolan. Israeli News Digest. Jan. Feb., 1996.

Shalom, Meggy8868

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