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Mary Pinkney Parnell

        Terrorism: Israel's Problem and the World’s

Make no mistake, American is not merely fighting Al Qaeda or trying to find Osama Bin Ladin. Such a notion is naive.  America is fighting the same battle Israel has been fighting for years, that of an ideology of death to Western civilization by Islamic militants who are forcing Moslems all over the world to choose between an ideology of life and an ideology of death. I understood this problem even more on my most recent visit to Israel. Let me recap the situation for your understanding.

A history of Islamic Terror

Islamic terrorism against Jews is not new. Prior to its statehood Israel struggled with Arab terrorism and British indifference.  Under the British Mandate, Haj Amin Al Husseini, a friend of Hitler's and later to become the Mufti of Jerusalem,  incited many terrorist acts, notably the riots of  1921 when he spread leaflets to the Arabs saying that the Jews were planning to take over the Dome of the Rock.  Another terrorist network was organized under Syrian Sheik Izzo al-Din-al Quassam (later to become Hamas). In 1929 Arab mobs killed over 100 Jews in the Hebron massacre. The  Great Arab Revolt of 1936-39 left hundreds of Jews dead.

Kfar Etzion

Perhaps the epitome of Jewish struggle with terrorism prior to Israel's war for independence in 1948 was Kfar Etzion,  a community we visited in Hebron.  It is a thriving community now with the most tragic past.  This is the region where Abraham grazed his flocks, and where Jehoshophat's warriors gathered to declare victory over the Moabites.  Orthodox Jews purchased the area of Kfar Etzion  from an Arab sheik in 1928.  Arabs  drove the Jews out in 1929.  Jews purchased it again to become the basis for a fruit plantation.  An Arab uprising destroyed Kfar Etzion  in 1936.  It was repurchased and resettled again in 1939 by orthodox Jews.  These settlers vowed to cover the "shame of the barrenness"  from these hills.  They also vowed to make a home "for their fellow Jews who suffered a horrible fate in Europe."   Two years later 60 concentration camp survivors joined the communities at Kfar Etzion.  By the spring of 1947, the community was flourishing; the fruit trees were producing.  The community was then subject to a series of attacks.  Early in 1947,  Kfar Etzion was cut off from Jerusalem by Arabs; a supply train from Jerusalem had been captured and soldiers lost lives. Kfar Etzion by now had around 600 settlers who tried to defend themselves but were no match against the Arab Legion and thousands of Arab irregulars.  Attack after attack came.  Finally the last surviving 50 members of the kibbutz escaped to the cellar of an old German monastery that was within the grounds. This hide-out was destroyed when an Arab pulled the pin on a grenade, handed it to a Jewish woman and made her throw the grenade that resulted in the final blood bath.  A handful survived to tell the story. We visited the site of the massacre and viewed a film commemorating their tragic history. Why should this community even exist today?  Only because these settlers believe that that God gave this land to the Jews.  Now Gush Etzion, one of the communities of Kfar Etzion, is targeted for destruction by the Olmert government as another concession for peace.

Was Israel Stolen from Palestinians?

 It should be noted for the critics that the Jews of Israel have purchased their land at least once, sometimes twice,  sometimes three times. and in the case of Kfar Etzion, four times.  Some rumor has been started to the effect that,  like the Americans, who took land away from the Indians, Israel robbed land that belonged to some "Palestinians."  
Palestinian is a term given to the 600,000 Arab refugees who became war collateral after 1948.  Many do not realize that 850,000 Jews were also made refugees from Arab lands during the same period.  Israel absorbed  most of these Jewish refugees.  The neighboring Arab countries refused to absorb the Arab refugees with the exception of Jordan.   Israel and Jordan each absorbed roughly 100,000.  Because the Zionist movement made the land livable, the Arab population swelled prior to the 1948 war.  But make no mistake,  Israel is a land that has been purchased, repurchased,  made-liveable against incredible odds, and defended in countless struggles and wars.

The PLO and Hezbollah

After the war for independence, Israel would still  face terrorism and a series of wars. In 1964, another terrorist organization was established which would change the dynamics of terror forever, the PLO. The PLO put Israel at the forefront of its terrorist campaign and coined for the world the term "Palestinian."  This term was given to the Arab refugees from the '48 war.  Its intended effect would cause the hearer to think there was a national  people known as Palestinian. Arab nations refused to absorb these refugees so they could be political pawns of Islamic hatred.  In 1969 Yasser Arafat emerged as the new leader of the PLO.  Arafat, the grandfather and architect of suicide bombing, and the ironic recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, was quietly determined to  drive Israel off the map. This visionary broadened  his arena and terrorist acts began to occur abroad inspired by a cult of death and martyrdom.

One of PLO's  most egregious assaults was against Jewish athletes at the Munich Olympics in 1972 in spite of the PA’s promise of peace.  In 1983 America was attacked for the first time by the newly organized Hezbollah when 241 Marines in Lebanon lost their lives; we did nothing to staunch the build-up of terrorism even when we were the target.  Under Carter, Reagan, Clinton, Bush and Bush, terrorism has been appeased again and again.

Even though Israel has ceded land for peace by the urging of the international community,  peace has not been accomplished. The recent destruction of the Gush Katif settlements in Gaza leaving 9000 Israelis homeless may be  viewed as a victory for Islam. Since the evacuation, hundreds of rockets have been fired at Israel and Mediterranean beaches have been mined from this new Islamic military zone, the Gaza strip. More weapons have been smuggled into Gaza now than since 1948. And Israel's exit from the buffer zone in Lebanon in 2000 prepared the way for the latest Hezbollah attack on Israel. Still Prime Minister Olmert wants to destroy settlements in Samaria and Judea. One can only ask, what will that accomplish in light of recent history?  In spite of  pending war in 1947 and  the difficulties Kfar Eztion faced, Ben-Gurion flew into a rage at the idea of dismantling even one Jewish settlement.

Terrorism begins in Israel and spreads to the World

Terrorists attacks have, ironically, increased  since the Oslo and Road Map peace accords and since the razing of established and strategic Israeli settlements in Samaria and Gaza. Other targets of terror attacks have been America, Spain,  Britain, Chechnya, West Africa, Ethiopia, Indonesia, and Southern Russia when school children were captured and killed by Wahabi terrorists. Make no mistake, Israel’s problem is the world’s problem as terrorists group under names like Al Qaeda, PlO, Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Fatah, Wahabi and Al-Aqsa brigade.  Numerous other Islamic terrorist organizations like PKK exist in Russian satellite countries. All terrorist groups, formed by extreme Islam, have one ideology: to wipe out Western Civilization, especially the big Satan (The US) and the little Satan (Israel).  We know that should Israel suffer massive annihilation, America will be next!

The Indoctrination of School Children

While in Israel, I was able to listen to the rhetoric that has resulted in more virulent terror. Islamic propaganda targets school children in the Muslim world through videos, textbooks, newsprint, as well as sermons preached on Fridays in Mosques. The goal: to change moderate Moslems to those who hate so much that they are willing to die. The information following is documented in film and newsprint by Itamar Marcus of the Palestinian Media Watch. The world needs to know  that what is being said in Arabic is far different from the message Islam sends to the West.

* Just recently Iran’s leader declared that no Holocaust had occurred and denied Israel's right to exist.

* Al Qaeda leader, Zawarhi said that the elimination of Israel is the duty of every believer posted on the internet April 13, 2006.

But what messages are being sent to young Palestinians?

 *A soccer team for 14 year olds is named for a suicide terrorist who killed 30 at a Passover Seder. Each soccer team is named after a suicide terrorist in glorification of the "martyrs."

 *A suicide camp for young girls , The Shahida Wafi Idris, gave thanks to UNICEF for their "whole-hearted support." July 18th 2003!!

*In an Arabic crossword clue: "Jewish center for commemorating the lies of the Holocaust. The answer: Yad Vashem.

*In Article 11 of Hamas’ Charter reads: "The land of Palestine has been an Islamic Wakf throughout generations and will be until the day of resurrection. Renouncing any part of Palestine [referring to Israel] means renouncing our religion.

*An Islamic Hadith reads: "The time of resurrection will not come until Muslims will fight all Jews and kill them, until Jews hide behind rocks and trees."

*4/2/06 Hamas explains their existential conflict against Israel. "I dream of a map that does not show Israel on it."  *PA school books include all of Israel as a Palestinian map.

*Mahmoud Abbas shows a cartoon of all Jews behind bars. Caption says "LEAVE LEAVE." Iran and Iraq have denied Israel’s existence since 1948. 

 Another tactic of propaganda is to erase the Jewish nation (sound similar to Hitler)? *6/5/1997 "Our blood has more Hebrew blood than the Jews." *Judaism: "Mosaic Law seems to be an Islamic religion. Texts prove that it is contamination of Islam."

*The Bible has no Jewish history. The Bible is a collection of legend that comes from the Koran." (Ignoring a little fact that the Koran did not exist prior to 635 AD and not verified in document form until 750AD).

Other statements made in videos and bulletins directed to children:

 *"Jews were evil and distorted the Islam given to Abraham and Moses. Islam was given again to Jesus. We are people of the blood [not Jews].  *Mohammed makes clear to you much of what the [Christians and Jews] distorted."

 *Found in Islamic school books: "Christians have adopted Satan as their God."

 *May 5 2005 "The Jews are a virus similar to Aids. The suffering of the entire earth is caused by Jews. Jews are behind America's involvement in Iraq. Fighting them is a service to humanity." Sound a little like Hitler?

 *May 5th 2004 to children: "The Holocaust is a lie. Israel and Jews make ovens to burn Palestinians and Arabs.

 *May 13 2006 in a sermon by Ibrahim Mudayris broadcast to the Moslem world: " . . . do not ask what Germany did to the Jews, but what the Jews did to Germany."

 *On Hezbollah TV Nov. 18th 2003: This writer saw the video and the incredible slight of hand as a Christian child was shown being sacrificed by Jews for the Passover Seder wine. "Jews take the blood of Christians, they sacrifice children for the blood of Passover."

 *Jan. 2006 on a Hamas web site which won 2/3 of the seats in the PA election calls for the extermination of Jews and Israel and America as an Islamic necessity. Partial quote from the web site: "My message to the loathed Jews is that there is no God but Allah, we chase you everywhere, we are a nation that drinks blood, and we know that there is no blood better than the blood of Jews."

 *On a musical video directed to youth: "Don’t be afraid, Allah is with the stone in your hand."

 *SHAHADA is the Islamic idea of martyrdom–to die for Allah. This rhetoric is presented to children as young as four years old–the rhetoric that the love of death replaces of the love of life is mandatory to real believers in Allah. In three polls 70-80% of kids want to die for Allah, "Everyone yearns for Shahada, we don’t want this world; we want after life. Death is not Shahada," says a beautiful 11 year old girl interviewed. A video that ran for 5 years shows beautiful dark-eyed women surrounding a "martyr" in heaven. Also, the Palestinian woman who dies in Shahada becomes one of the virgins in heaven.

*Ibrahim Mudayris, cleric, in a sermon on Palestinian TV May 13 2005 says: We don’t love life, we pray God grant us Shahada." Also, "Islam will rule the West; Islam will rule America, Great Britain."

Such extremist leaders "are still fighting the Crusades," says Marcus.  Israel’s problem with terrorism is our problem. Israel, a lone democracy, is surrounded by Islamic nations who desire world domination. We need to stand with Israel instead of urging her to give up strategic positions for peace. We need to quit sending ambiguous messages that suggest we are against terrorism while urging Israel to quit defending itself.  And, we need to educate ourselves about an enemy who wishes to annihilate us.

Make no mistake: the enemies of Israel are the enemies of America. We are not only fighting Al Qaeda but a rhetoric of world destruction. America does not hear the messages directed to Muslim peoples by Islamic leaders whether PA, Fatah, Hamas, Sunni, Hezbollah, Shiite, Al Qaeda, Wahabi or even newer organizations like PKK in former Russian satellite countries. We are not noting what is happening in Chechnya, Africa, India, Indonesia, and the Caucasus. But as terror continues to spread into Europe and beyond, we will begin to take note. It makes no difference! These terrorists groups are linked by the rhetoric of death: death to Israel, death to America, and death to the West!  

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