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Weep Jerusalem

Shimmer, shimmer Jerusalem
Whitely in the Sun.

Green, green the Valley
Of Armegeddon.

Blue, blue the Galilee *
The Angel's harp and fair.

Sweetly blooms the Rose
Perfuming the desert air.

Lovely, Shades the Cypress
over Jordan's Aqua run.

Now faints the Youth who
Shoulders the Heavy gun.

There, blasphemes the Mount
Where Solomon's Temple Sung.

Now Flame the rockets,
That terrorize the hills

Save, Save the villages
Among her rocks and rills.

Weep, Wail Beloved,
Who Daven at the Wall.

Pray For Jersualem
To Keep her, ere she fall;

Hide, Hide O Country
Under the shadow of His Wings.

* Hebrew Kinneret means harp.


Upon the Occasion of the War in Israel

update 11-2018

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