A Tribute to Eric
Remembering Eric Gulbranson who was taken from us
suddenly in an auto crash in the summer of 2018.
by Edie L. Klyve
July 19, 2018

O noble one,

Who never thought the least of earthly brothers;

But with charity of heart and words of hope and life,

You lifted others,

Valuing each soul made in Godís image.

How is such love measured, except by Christ, the Savior.

Faith-filled father to the wretched and deplorable,

You strode the stripíed watch

Clad in your armor, your spirit alert.

How many, shamed and despised,

Learned their soulís worth through you,

Spurring them to run the race,

Not looking back but forward to Heavenís prize.

Heavenís prize?

Even now youíre laying crowns

At His burnished feet,

Awestruck in His presence, inhaling fragrance sweet.

Family Forerunner - except for Mother -

You have led the Way for us to follow--

And soon we shall, one by one or all together,

Enjoy a rich reunion.