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Signs and Wonders - Picture, Shofar manifestation in Fargo!

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The first time I saw these strange visual aberrations was in digital photos taken in 2003 at a time we were redecorating our house. I was very sick, trying to work with worsening bradycardia. These floating, blurry circles of light appeared in the living room pictures. There would be 3 or 4 in a picture frame. I thought they were some kind of lens aberrations or a light refraction problem.

     Several months ago, In April 2005,  I saw them again in pictures taken in my son's home. Again not realizing any other possibility other than 'bad picture' I would salvage them with my photo retouch software.  

     It was in October of 2005 when a featured revivalist visited our fellowship. He noted that among the signs and wonders that are now in evidence at Holy Spirit revival meetings around the world was the manifestation of angels and that angels can be photographed with digital cameras. This information really excited me as it seemed to bring some insight and understanding of the first images that I had witnessed and later undid.

     I was anxious to see if the results could be replicated in a place where the Holy Spirit was moving in a special way. (See Acts chapter 2). So I took a few pictures on one the meeting nights with my Olympus point and shoot digital camera. Images resulted in many of these lights. These lights, (orbs) were of different sizes and positions. In addition, I noticed how there was a strategic not random placement in relation to people worshiping. Some of the light circles were brighter than others. Also the diameters varied. There were light orbs closer to some individuals either at the side or above. Some individuals seem to be clearly targeted by these ministering "angels".

       These spiritual forms are not manifested in any physical sense, although many who have more "spiritual vision" do profess to witness them in different kinds of activities inter-acting with God's human family. Incorporeal, they seem to be unhindered by physical limits of flesh, they breath into us and move through us.

     Obviously, as we perceive the phenomon, there is no similarity to the traditional conception of angels, only a  luminous presence, but a presence that can be felt in the spiritually charged atmosphere.

     When I shared the result of my worship pictures with the pastors of the fellowship, they shared an image with me that had been received by another E-mail,  taken in an Argentinean revival where, among the worshipers, the rooms was awash with them, hundreds of massive orbs as thick as a snowstorm.

     Now I have recorded these to share with those who have not experienced or seen the phenomena. Very few people would believe in such phenomena who have only had the so called normal church house Christianity. But, now we are experiencing something akin to the Book of Acts. He is pouring out his Spirit upon those who are thirsty. It is interestingly, that the physical eye does not perceive anything of the Spiritual kind. There is however, inner vision such as Apostle John describes in Revelation Chapter 1. There is both spiritual hearing and seeing, as one draws closer to Jesus. Also it should be affirmed that these phenomena are at the direction of the Holy Spirit as he wills.