Before we do our series of formed clay projects - We take one day to get the feel of clay.
We work with a small amount to make clay STAMPS.
The TWO TOOLS we use are a 'fettling knife" (or a plastic cutting blade). The second is a regular lead pencil.

We do design imprints using only a sharpened pencil. With the pencil we create 3 imprinting effects:
The dart - - done with the side of the lead - the side of the pencil point can create a longer or shorter dart;
The point - - using the sharp end of the lead to make a cone-like hole in the clay;
and the circle - - using the larger circular eraser end of the pencil.
We roll the clay into cigar shaped rolls about a half inch size and we cut them neatly to produce a convenient length.
Tap or lightly smooth each end using the knife blade mentioned. Once dryed and fired at a low tempurature,
the tool is wonderful for decorating our other clay projects later.
Try clicking image for larger picture